Ravenel Art Group represents a platform to gather expertise and collectors. With its rich experience in the art market and its broad connections in the collectors’ circle, Ravenel has brought Asian collection to new horizons, including art and luxury items in recent years.


Sale Categories:

1. Modern and Contemporary Asian Art

2. Modern and Contemporary International Art

3. Finest and Rarest Wines

4. Ink Paintings & Works of Art


How to Sell at Auctions

If you wish to consign at our auctions, our specialists would be delighted to guide you step by step:

1. Contact Us: Let us know the basic information of your items (photos, title, artist, sizes of items and boxes, your contact information, etc.) and send us an email at [email protected]. Our specialists will contact you shortly.

2. Consignment Contract: Under the agreement of both parties, a contract would be signed and your consigned lots would be collected for auction preparations.

3. Presale Promotions: Once the contract is signed, auction catalogues will be prepared and our team of specialists will help you find prospective buyers for your consigned lots.

4. Auctions: Auctions at Ravenel are opened to public. Rest assured that your lot will be sold in the fairest way with the highest bid price.


Sellers' Service Fee:

Once the lots are sold, 10% of the Hammer Price (including tax) would be taken as sellers' service fee for art-related categories, and 12% of the Hammer Price (including tax) would be taken as sellers' service fee for wine categories.



For Taiwanese individuals: Individuals should arrange their own annual income tax payment, if the auction of art-related categories allows for withholding of the tax rate of 1.2%.
For Taiwanese companies: Invoices should include hammer price or reserved price (whichever highest) with 5% VAT.1
For non-Taiwanese individuals2or companies: Ravenel deducts 1.2% from hammer price or reserved price (whichever highest) as income tax1.


1: Any adjustments in tax by the Taiwan Government will be observed without prior notifications.

2: Who resides for less than 183 days in Taiwan